Still getting the hang of it

Turns out WordPress needs a bit of studying to work as intended 🙂 I guess everything takes some time getting used to? I’ll play around with this for a while and see how it goes – maybe I’ll furiously throw this whole thing in the bin. Maybe I won’t!

Autumn’s here, and oh: what draws me towards cycling

This summer was really good: long, warm, full of joy. Well actually it was almost too hot for quite some time with farmers complaining about the heat ruining their crops. But hey: the average joe is first and foremost about sunbathing and having a good time outside – and so am I.

Sadly, it was good: Autumn’s here. I always hope that summer would fade into the next season of the year ever so slowly but somehow my experience tends to differ slightly every year. Green grass, blistering heat and hanging out in shorts in the dark, then suddenly *poof* and there you go in what seems to be just a day later with cold rain and wind and leafs on the streets and yourself looking for your winter clothes.

This year the transition wasn’t really as harsh; but still it felt like going from nice temperatures at night to having to look for thicker blankets in the blink of an eye. As the saying goes however, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. While I will mildly disagree here if temperatures go higher than 35°C or the other end of the scales in god-forsaken freezing minus temperatures, most of the time it’s pretty spot on.

Quick spin along the Rhine

Although I’m equipped for almost anything the seasons may typically offer in their huge weather repertoire, I really dislike unending rain, deep snow or frostbite. Certainly we’re not anywhere close to these, and thanks for that really! I have 5.800kms of cycling recorded on Strava this year – more than the last 2 years combined. I only picked up road cycling 2 years ago, starting with a Cannondale CAAD12.

Cannondale CAAD12 Disc Ultegra

The Cannondale turned out to be one hell of a ride: quick, agile, stiff. It’s a mean machine for going fast wherever you may be going. Sadly, my back was sorely affronted by the bike’s geometry which led to a few issues after some months to the point where riding this bike was no longer very pleasurable for me.

Now one could argue that this “experiment” of road cycling for me should have ended at this point. But it didn’t. I had already caught fire. Most of my life, I’d been riding mountainbikes quite leisurely. I’d also been running a lot, up to the point of completing a marathon. But even running for 4 hours straight won’t bring you very far. I dislike carrying things with me while running, thus my radius is limited. Also running’s hard as fuck. Try not putting one foot in front of the other and keep on moving. Yeah, too bad. Now roll around on the bike. Yeah, bliss.

So cycling with the Cannondale on the other hand let me experience places much farther away. Going on a ride for several hours was easy and what matter’s most: fun. Doing my first 100km ride on the bike had me over the clouds. My first 42km running marathon had my legs in so much pain that I could take any stairs for 2 days.

Don’t get me wrong: I still like to run from time to time, but with so much to do on my hands I hardly have any time for a jog anymore. I prefer to cycle, and with the Cannondale being unsuited for my back I decided to go for something different.

Focus Paralane eTap 2017

Not going into details here, but I love disc brakes. The Paralane’s more endurance oriented, with that comes a much higher stack than the CAAD12 offers. Also, it’s very comfortable. I’ve been doing a few 100+km rides and I had almost no troubles with my back anymore. Perfect!

So what am I gonna do? I want to go for longer rides. I want to explore the great outdoors. I want to improve my cycling. I want to get in touch with other cyclists and share the fun. And I’ll write about it.

Ride on & ride safe


Me: a brief introduction

Hello World!

So I’m Sebastian, I work as a Cyber Security Specialist and I live in Düsseldorf. That’s the really short summary. Coincidentally I like many things that start with a ‘C’: cycling, cats, chocolate, comics. Of course, my work’s also included in this list.

Spending extensive amounts of time and effort into some of these things, why the hell wouldn’t I wanna write a little bit about all of these things whenever I feel like it? So back to good ole’ web 2.0 and blogging because – well – most other social media doesn’t really meet my demands. Twitter? Too brief. Instagram? A tad superficial. Others? Meh.

In any case I like to explore the great outdoors, go on long rides, eat extraordinary amounts of chocolate, pet my cats and most of the time I’ll simply be rambling about these sorts of things. I invite you to join in and keep me company and simply have a good time!

Ride on & ride safe